New Tower of Terror tours at Disneyland Paris

25 11 2009

DLRP Today posted an article about new tours to take place at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disneyland Resort Paris. It’s the first time this kind of tour will be offered at any Disney Park around the world and it’s one not to be missed if you’re in Disneyland Resort when it takes place.

The tour will be one hour long and will cover all aspects of the world famous attraction in detail, including a behind the scenes look at the advanced ride system and information on the various Twilight Zone references contained within the attraction.

The tour takes place on a Saturday morning before Walt Disney Studios opens to the public, places will be restricted as only 10 guests will be admitted per tour, which isn’t a bad thing as it means if you have a question you’ll be able to bring it up without any¬†interruptions.

This is a must-do for all Tower of Terror fans, I’ll certainly be doing the tour myself during my next visit to Disneyland Resort Paris.

M. Owen





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