Walt Disney Studios to have Extra Magic Hours

11 11 2009

Recently I wrote a blog on how to handle Extra Magic Hours at Disneyland Park in Paris. After writing this I found out that its next door neighbour, Walt Disney Studios Park, will also run Extra Magic Hours over the holiday season. This got me thinking about what the best strategy is for handling EMH at Walt Disney Studios.

My main tip for Extra Magic Hours at Walt Disney Studios is to get there as soon as the park opens to resort guests. I mentioned that at Disneyland Park guests wouldn’t have to worry about getting there at the start of Extra Magic Hours as you can still work your way around the major Discoveryland attractions if you turn up half an hour or even an hour after Extra Magic Hours begin. However at Walt Disney Studios this isn’t likely to be an option, due to everyone heading to Crush Coaster to avoid the huge lines when the park opens to the general public.

On my last visit to Disneyland Resort Paris in August of this year I got to Walt Disney Studios 20 minutes after the park had opened (with no EMH) even then the line for Crush Coaster was 2 hours long. This line won’t get shorter throughout the day and there’s no Fastpass so this is an attraction you must try and ride during Extra Magic Hours. Not only must your ride it during EMH it has to be your first stop, people will be running to the attraction but avoid it, just keep a fast walking pace from ropedrop and you shouldn’t be looking at too big a line when you get to the attraction.

After Crush Coaster you may want to go ride Magic Carpets if you have small children. This is another attraction that hosts long lines from opening so if you’ve got children getting in a ride on this attraction early may be your best bet to beat the long lines. If you don’t have young children then you’re options are pretty open. I’d recommend heading to Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and grabbing a Fastpass (if they’re available) before heading over to the Tower of Terror. Why do it this way? Well, Tower of Terror is a very high capacity attraction, with the smaller crowds during EMH the line shouldn’t get too long meaning it’s a good idea to grab a Fastpass for RnRC, which usually see’s longer lines that Tower of Terror.

This is just a rough guide, as of yet we don’t know what attractions will be open during Extra Magic Hours at the Studios obviously the more attractions the better as crowds will then be spread over a higher number of attractions. The main thing about EMH at Walt Disney Studios has to be Crush Coaster, so don’t forget to hit it up as soon as you can to avoid long waits.

M. Owen




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