SeaWorld Orlando reduce Annual Pass price

4 11 2009

SeaWorld Orlando have announced that one version of their annual pass will be reduced in price so it’s cheaper than the rack rate price for a single day admission to the park.

The basic idea for SeaWorld is that selling the AP for less than the rack rate will mean customers will come back multiple times throughout the year, spending more money inside the park and building up a loyalty to SeaWorld Orlando and the Busch parks on the whole.

Whilst you can get into SeaWorld with the Orlando Felxticket many local or short-stay visitors may not purchase the various types of tickets as they are expensive and the visitor may not want to visit all the destinations available on the ticket. This does force a number of guests to purchase a single-day admission which can be very expensive. Many guest may think it’s not worth the price, however if an annual pass is cheaper they’re going to think it’s great value and purchase it, meaning they may visit multiple times in the year rather than just the once.

I’ve always said throughout this recession that the key to theme park survival is to keep the customers happy, ensure they get value for money and most importantly keep them coming back again and again. Reducing the price of an Annual Pass, at least for this year does that. If the economy recovers next year BEC may be able to push the price of an Annual Pass back up as many of the people who bought discounted AP’s will now have a certain degree of loyalty to the brand.

I know I’ll be taking SeaWorld up on this offer when I visit Orlando this year, I imagine many others will to.

M. Owen




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