All Red Membership Should Lead to the End of the E-Season Ticket

2 08 2009

This season Liverpool re-branded their official membership and added new features, including access to 5,000 tickets which were formerly exclusive to the now gone Priority Ticket Scheme. In my opinion this should lead to the end of the E-Season Ticket.

The E-Season Ticket offers, well, not much at all. Those who sign up to the online service are offered exclusive footage including pre-season games and interviews with players. As well as this E-Season ticket ‘holders’ are offered the chance to enter a ballot for a very small number of tickets. For me integrating these features into the All Red membership would prove a bigger financial success than having two different memberships on one website.

Firstly, the exclusive ticket access added to the All Red membership will be a deal-breaker for those trying to chose one of the two membership scheme’s. That kind of access to tickets simply isn’t available with E-Season tickets and this will reduce the demand for the subscription. For me adding the small number of tickets available to E-Season ticket holders to the allocation given to All Red members would increase the demand for All Red memberships to a greater extent than the current demand for E-Season tickets.

Adding all of the online features ,such as exclusive video’s, to the All Red membership will also attract a lot more members who feel the All Red membership offers little value for money without this exclusive content. Overall, the integration of the two simply looks better financially for the club and is better on the pockets of fans than the current system.

M. Owen




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