The Liverpool Supporters Union: One Year of Giving Fans a Voice

1 06 2009

Trade Unions have been around for years now, Thatcher tried to get rid of them by introducing legislation restricting their power in the eightees but she failed to stop the Unions from giving a voice to working-class people around the country who felt let down by a Conservative government who aimed only to please the middle and upper classes. Unions are still going strong today and in 2008 a whole different kind of Union came to be, a Union for football supporters.

Where better for a new type of Union to begin than Liverpool? A working-class city that was crippled by the Thatcher government in the eightees which it is only recovering from today. A union for Liverpool supporters was created in the back of a pub close to the ground and it’s got bigger and bigger ever since.

Spirit of Shankly is the name, and that pretty much sums it up. A voice for the fans, as Shankly always wanted, since our new American owners took over we’ve needed one. Fans have been pushed aside in order to try and make a profit and pay back the huge debt repayments, which the owners lied to us about of course.

The Union is putting a stop to all that, ticket prices have been frozen for the coming season, in part due to Union pressure on the club. The Union have arranged travel to all away games, cheaper than anyone else of course, they’re also helping to fund regeneration projects and grassroots scheme’s. No challenge is to big or small for the Union, from trying to get fan ownership of the club to helping a young lad who can’t afford tickets the Union will do their best to help. as a Union should, as a socialist like Bill Shankly would do himself.

Now, the main aim of the Union is to get complete fan ownership of the club, even as a member I don’t believe it will happen, not in my lifetime anyway. However, the Union is doing enough to secure my £10 per annum, more than enough even. I’ve seen so many benefits of Union membership, from being part of protest marches against the owners to going to the end of season bash it’s been worth every penny of my membership.

I’ve just renewed for the upcoming year, new members are always welcome. Why not join yourself?

You never know, maybe one day every football club will have a supporters union, maybe then fans will be treated like people, not like walking credit cards.





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