Awaydays A Review

30 05 2009

Many of you reading may be familiar with Liverpool-born writer Keven Sampson, however some of you may not. Kevin is a critically acclaimed writer with a number of great books under his belt. One of his most famous pieces is late 70’s based football movie Awaydays.

Although the book is written about a group of Tranmere Rovers football hooligans it’s based on the fashion and music obsessed Liverpool following of the late 1970’s. The movie adaptation of this great book was released on Friday and I was at the first showing to see what I thought of one of my favourite books being played out on the silver screen.

The story revolves around Carty, a former art student who really doesn’t fit too well into his working-class Wirral surroundings. Carty has one ambition in life, not fame, not fortune, to join ‘The Pack’ a group of football hooligans. To help him with this he becomes mates with Elvis, a member of The Pack who he meets in a Liverpool club. Slowly but surely he works his way into The Pack and the Awaydays come every other Saturday.

The movie isn’t your average football hooligan film, so don’t expect another Green Street or Football Factory, no, it’s much better than that. The movie follows the evolving friendship between Carty and Elvis and the struggle of the two working-class lads with women, football and drugs. It’s got some dark moments which some people may not be accustomed to in the run-of-the-mill football films but these issues really pack a punch in the film.

On top of the great storyline is a host of great music, the likes of Ultravox, The Rascals and Joy Division can be heard throughout the movie and are really well used. To go with the great music that dominated the 70’s is the fashion that dominated the same era, Adidas trainers are common among The Pack as you’d expect to see at a Liverpool European away during the 70’s and 80’s.

There are some faults, some of the acting could have been better, but for a movie on a budget of around £500,000 what can you expect? Some high-budget films will give that to an actor for as little as a days work. 

On the whole this is a great film and really creates an image of what life was like for a 1970’s football fan in Liverpool. The sights, the sounds and the clothes are all perfect. A must see for any Liverpool fan.




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