Beta Mouse – A New Walt Disney World Podcast

5 02 2010

There’s plenty of great Disney podcasts around, primarily ones which focus on park news and vacation planning. However there’s now an all-new podcast on the scene with a totally unique focus.

BetaMouse is based on technology related to Disney Parks and Resorts and is hosted by Touring Plans developer Henry Work.

Being a technology geek and a huge fan of Disney Parks & Resorts I’m really looking forward to seeing where the podcast goes, and based on the panelists who will feature on the show I’m sure it’s going to be packed with quality content.

The first episode of the podcast is based on features the panel would like to see added and removed from It’s a great listen so tune in!

To listen to the first episode of the podcast visit the BetaMouse website

M. Owen


Walt Disney World Vacation Planning

2 01 2010

As we wave goodbye to 2009 many will be planning their vacations to come in 2010 and even 2011. With the economy still in a bad state those looking to plan a vacation over the next two years may be wanting to watch their spending a little more than usual. Here’s a quick guide to planning a successful vacation, with advice for before and during your trip.

The first thing to mention is that it’s not just the tourists looking at their financials for the coming year or so. The various firms in Orlando’s tourism industry are also constantly checking their back pockets, trying to find out where they can save and where there’s room to bring in more revenue. This can work to the advantage of a visitor, who will have a host of discounts on offer to them, from cheap motel deals on the 192 to discounted Walt Disney World tickets most of the high-cost parts of a trip will be discounted somewhere, it’s just a case of where to find the offers that will save you money.

Before anyone planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2010 even considers looking up prices they should first set themselves a budget. Far too many people spend too much on things they don’t really need on vacation and a strict budget can cut down on some of the impulse buys vacationers make. When setting your budget you must take into consideration how much you can save as borrowing to fund vacations isn’t advisable, nor is it needed if you plan far enough in advance to save enough to cover costs. Robert Niles over at create a great step-by-step guide to planning a vacation and my particular favourite sections are those where he gives advice on budgeting and saving in advance. Be sure to check them out.

The most expensive part of many peoples vacation is their accommodation. Thankfully for visitors the current economic crisis coupled with the huge number of hotels in the Orlando area has made prices very competitive in recent years, to the point where some motels will advertise prices as low as $18 per room per night. One thing to take into account when wanting to watch the Pennies is what quality accommodation you want to stay in. Do you really need to be in a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort when you will spend most of your time out of the room anyway? Do you really need a vacation home when there’s only two of you? Ensuring you don’t book more than what you need will save a considerable amount. offers great deals on hotels outside Walt Disney World and discounts change often, so be sure to keep checking rates. Mouse Savers have a great list of all the discounts at Walt Disney World hotels so those wanting to stay on-site should look for deals there.

Visitors travelling long distances to get to Orlando often use air travel in order to get to Central Florida. Whilst this is essential for international visitors it may work out considerably cheaper for domestic travellers to drive. Although driving can take a lot longer than flying it allows for visitors to experience some other destinations on route to Orlando and in a way the journey becomes a vacation in itself. Of course time constraints will play their part and most long distance visitors will go with air travel, meaning making the right choice of airline and airports is integral. Sky Scanner offers a great, easy to use, search engine for finding cheap flights, making it simple to find a great deal on airfares, be sure to use Sky Scanner or a similar search tool when looking for flights. Visitors to Florida usually chose to fly into Orlando International or Orlando Sanford. Whilst cheaper flights are often found going to Sanford those who have booked on-site accommodation at Walt Disney World can only take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express from Orlando International.

Guests staying on-site at Walt Disney World have to make a choice, either pay for car rental or take advantage of Magical Express and use Disney’s Transportation System to get to destinations within Walt Disney World. Whilst using the transportation system will save money it can often be less reliable than renting a car and also restricts you with regards to getting to destinations off-site such as Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. Off-site guests may wish to rent-a-car simply to make it easier for themselves, however a number of hotels in the Orlando area (mainly the cheaper ones) do offer free or low-cost shuttle services to various attractions including Walt Disney World and other major theme parks in the area. offers a search system similar to Sky Scanner which allows you to find the cheapest rental car deals, helping you save money if you do chose to rent-a-car.

Due to heavy discounts offered on resort-stays the Walt Disney World Dining Plan has become increasingly popular, making it hard to get reservations at many of the restaurants on=property. Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance and it’s important to ensure you book as early as possible in order to make sure you get the table you want at the time you want. Dining reservations can be made online by visiting the dining reservations page on the official Walt Disney World website or by calling 407-WDW-DINE. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World also has a comprehensive list of WDW restaurants as well as how far in advance reservations need to be made.

Booking tickets for the various parks in Central Florida can also be an expensive business, with many guests spending far too much than they need to. The important thing many people seem to forget is not to book tickets that you wont use to the extent they could be. For example just because you’re going on vacation for two weeks doesn’t mean you’re going to need a Disney 14-day Ultimate Pass. If you only want to visit the WDW parks once or twice and plan on seeing other visitor attractions in the area then only book a seven-day ticket as it saves a considerable amount. Another consideration that needs to be made is if you’re going to visit Universal Studios, Island’s of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa. If you plan to visit all of these parks it may be worth considering purchasing an Orlando FlexTicket. One small piece of advice. the cheap merchandise stores that litter the 192 and I-Drive often advertise cheap Disney tickets, avoid them at all costs as some tickets may not be valid and you’re not going to get a refund.

With all the major costs covered all you need to worry about now is the vacation itself. Budgeting whilst on vacation is one of the hardest things to do, the natural tendency is to let go and not worry about money whilst relaxing on holiday. Although this may leave you completely stress free while on vacation it’s going to leave you feeling the pinch when you get back. One tip I really like is to set yourself a budget for each day of your vacation. If you know you’re going to do something that costs a lot allocate a budget that represents that, the same goes if you won’t be spending too much. Setting a fixed average budget for each day usually doesn’t work as most people tend to spend more or less each day, leading to them not knowing exactly how much they’ve spent at the end of a vacation. Adjusting your budget to fit around your financial needs each day is usually the best option. I also enjoy Robert Niles’ tip on Theme Park Insider about setting children an allowance for each day.

The financials are just one aspect of a Walt Disney World vacation. Allocating time while visiting the various theme parks Central Florida has to offer is key. Many would say the best way to allocate your time at is to create touring plans for each of the parks you plan to visit. Many websites offer great touring plans for all of the parks, but I find the best touring plans are found in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and on its site allow users to create custom touring plans as well as see crowd levels for each day of their trip, allowing for highly detailed planning.

When at the parks following a touring plan  can save you up to four hours a day, however unexpected events can often increase wait times and have a major impact on plans. Using Lines, the mobile application from, can help in the park as it provides up-to-date wait times that are often more accurate than those posted outside of attractions. Lines also shows Fastpass distribution times as well as showing crowd levels for the day and the best parks to visit. Note that Lines can only be used by those with mobile internet access, Lines is currently free but may soon be offered only to premium subscribers to

I’m not going to give all my tips for visiting theme parks, as most of the basics can already be found on my blog and on various other websites around the net. However, one final tip I will offer is for those visiting the parks with children, especially impatient ones. Waiting in lines at Disney is considerably better than in other amusement parks as the lines have detailed features that fit the attractions theme, however, even this cannot keep children happy in 40 minute + lines. For this reason I recommend the Disney Queue Line Survival Guide, a great book which offers hundreds of ways in which to keep the whole family entertained while waiting in line.

I hope you found this quick guide helpful.

M. Owen

SeaWorld San Diego Offer

30 12 2009

Good news for fans of the West Coast SeaWorld, the park is offering two years for the price of one on Silver Annual Passes.

The Silver Pass, which comes at a cost of $109 for the full two years has no blackout dates allowing holders the opportunity to visit the park whenever they want for two years.

The offer is only available until December 31st so those looking to get their hands on a late Christmas present need to act fast. All discounts which are usually available to Silver Pass holders will be on offer as a part of the deal, including free parking.

It’s nice to see more discounts appearing at theme parks around the United States. 2010 isn’t set to be a great year for any form of tourist destination and if theme parks want to stay competitive and keep attendance high they much offer heavy discounts or additional perks. I’m sure SeaWorld San Diego will be hoping that guests who purchase the ticket will spend their hard-earned money on food and drink within the park, ensuring a stable income for the next two years.

M. Owen

Theme Park of the Decade Award

29 12 2009

As the Noughties come to an end many industry writers are giving their opinions on the best and worst from the decade. Here’s my top picks from the theme park industry.

Best New Theme Park – Tokyo DisneySea

Making its debut in 2001 DisneySea was the second gate at the first Disney Resort outside of North America in Tokyo, Japan. The resort is believed to hold the record for the most expensive theme park ever built, at an initial cost of around $4 billion. The park is simply one of the most stunning theme parks in the world, with a mixture of amazing architecture and perfectly sculpted landscapes that make DisneySea easy on the eye. The park hosts a collection of the best attractions to be developed by Walt Disney Imagineering including a modified version of The Tower of Terror.

Best New Attraction – Expedition Everest

Disney’s Animal Kingdom was in long need of another E-Ticket attraction to take the pressure off Dinosaur and Kilimanjaro Safari’s. When Expedition Everest was opened in mid 2006 it looked like Walt Disney Imagineering had hit the nail on the head. Coming in at a cost of around $100 million Expedition Everest shattered all records when it came to the cost of an individual attraction and it still holds the record today. Theme park fans around the world will tell you it’s money well spent as Expedition Everest offers a great roller coaster tied in with a detailed story, the perfect Disney Mountain.

Most Improved Theme Park: Disneyland

The 90’s were not a good decade for Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney’s original park had seen the quality of the park and customer value neglected in preference of short-term profits and shareholder value. In the early part of the Noughties a new management team was appointed at Disneyland and the park has moved from strength to strength ever since. The worlds original theme park was not just brought back up to its former glory, it was improved upon. The most notable change being the renovation of Space Mountain between 2003 and 2005.  The highlight of the decade for the park has to be the celebration of its 50th anniversary, here’s hoping we’ll be celebrating a century of Disneyland in 2055.

Most Improved/ Changed Attraction: The Simpsons Ride

Whilst Back to the Future at Universal Studios Florida was a fan favourite Universal Creative recognised that the theme, taken from a 1985 movie of the same name, was a little dated. Not wanting to scrap a great ride system loved by all-ages Universal chose to simply give the attraction a whole new overlay themed to popular Fox cartoon The Simpsons. Despite running on an old ride system the attraction looks and feels like a brand new experience, a big win for Universal who didn’t have to fork out for a whole new ride. It’s capacity is questionable and long lines do form quickly but as far as a clever move by a theme park company goes, this has to be it.

Stay in the Noughties: Sounds Dangerous

I thought I better dedicate one award to something I don’t want to see again from the last decade, Sounds Dangerous at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The show based around sound in movies and television is heavily dated and fails to draw crowds in even at busy times. The attraction, featuring Drew Carey, is so unpopular with guests to the Lake Buena Vista park that the show is currently only operating seasonal openings, meaning the attraction is only opened at peak times to help manage big crowds. What really gets me about this attraction is that the building could be put too much better use. Whilst it would mean spending some cash changing the attraction if Walt Disney Imagineering found a way in which to integrate a popular new movie into the new show or ride they could easily sell tons of merchandise at the outlets surrounding the building.

Happy New Year

M. Owen

Walt Disney World at Christmas – some tips

3 12 2009

Walt Disney World is at its busiest over the Christmas period, however this doesn’t mean your visit should be less enjoyable. The holiday season brings out the best in the parks and hotels, which are decorated beautifully in order to help you get in the Christmas mood. It is important to be prepared for your trip, knowing what to do and what to avoid in order to have a stress free vacation.

I visited Walt Disney World last Christmas and whilst crowds weren’t as high as in past years due to the economic crisis there was still high attendance at all the parks everyday of my visit. In order to avoid the parks I firstly followed a touring plan. Using a good touring plan is integral to ensuring you get around all the attractions you want with minimal waits. My personal favourite touring plans are those provided in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and those at Theme Park Insider. Whilst following a touring plan can seem a bit of a chore its worthwhile as the time you’ll save waiting in line is considerable. If you don’t want to follow a touring plan then ensure you arrive at the park early in order to avoid the bigger crowds.

A major aspect of going to Walt Disney World at Christmas is what you’re going to do on the big day. As with all holidays Walt Disney World offers a host of options to help you pass December 25th, whether you’re on a budget or willing to splash out for that extra special holiday celebration. Preparation  is integral if you’re planning on doing something on Christmas Day, especially when it comes to dinning. As you may be able to guess everyone wants to be at the restaurants on-site over the holiday period, so there’s no chance you’re going to be able to walk into any of the better on site restaurants without an advance reservation. Advanced dining reservations can be made 180-days out and for Christmas you’ll have to be ready on the phone in the morning to call 407-939-3463 (001-407-939-3463 UK).

It’s important to note that both Illuminations at Epcot and Wishes at Magic Kingdom have special Christmas versions that are shown during the holiday season. Whilst Illuminations only has a holiday section added to the end Wishes, or Holiday Wishes, has a whole new show which is an absolute must for those visiting Walt Disney world over the holiday season. As both shows are only featured over the holiday season it’s important to ensure that you get into the position you want to see the show from 45 minutes to an hour before the show starts, even longer in the few days building up to Christmas. To find out show times on the day of your visit pick up a Times Guide when you enter the park, these can be found alongside park maps around the entrance to all of the four theme parks.

I’ve always said that a car is not integral to a Central Florida vacation, especially not when you’re staying on-site at Walt Disney World. However, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year and the Disney Transportation System is pushed to the limit. If you don’t want to wait hours for shuttles to get back to your resort when the park kicks out, especially after a show, it may be best for you to consider a car rental. This should especially be considered for those with young children. After the night shows at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios kick out there a rush for the shuttles and there’s a chance your child can get lost, something no parent wants. This can be avoided at the Magic Kingdom to a certain extent as the park doesn’t always close after Holiday Wishes, meaning you can tour the park with pretty low crowds and wait for the shuttle stops to calm down.

My final point is one which is important to parents visiting at this time of year. Ensure that your child knows where to meet if they get split from the group. It’s already traumatic enough for parent and child getting split up without the added problem of not knowing where to go. Set a meeting point when you get to the park that’s specific. For example don’t just say ‘at the Sorcerers Hat’ as this is a relatively large area that gets very crowded on busy days, especially when American Idol Experience kicks out. Make sure that the place you chose isn’t too crowded and is easy to find.

Happy Holidays

M. Owen

Disneyland Paris Daily Mail offer- spending your time

28 11 2009

By now I’m sure many of you have seen the offer the Daily Mail are running on visits to Disneyland Resort Paris during the first part of 2010. As the main offer featured is a one day trip, with the option of a two day resort stay I thought it would be best to give my view on how to best allocate your time.

Which hotel?

Firstly, let’s look at the best deal offered using the Daily Mail discount. For me the best deal is a two night stay in Disney’s Sequoia Lodge with a two-day admission to both Disneyland Resort Paris parks. This comes to a cost of £389 (£349 plus the £20 per night supplement for upgrading to Sequoia Lodge). The reason I think this is the best deal is that you get a very high quality hotel (comparable to a three-star in the UK, with five-star service) at  a price you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Other hotels available include Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, which offers many outdoor activities, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and the non-Disney property Vienna International Magic Circus hotel. If you feel you’d rather save the money than go for Sequoia Lodge I’d recommend the Hotel Cheyenne (additional £10 supplement per night) or Davy Crockett Ranch. Whilst the Magic Circus hotel may be as good value as Davy Crockett Ranch it’s not a Disney owned property which means you may miss out on perks such as Extra Magic Hours and free shuttle transportation.

Your time in the parks: One day touring

If you decided to go for the on-day visit to Disneyland Resort Paris it’s highly unlikely you’re going to see everything, especially if you don’t get to the park in time for opening. This means you’re going to have to make some decision as to what you want to visit and what you don’t. As this is a family offer this may be dependent on your kids and their tastes. Here’s some touring tips based on different tastes.

Thrill seeking kids

Whilst most boys will enjoy the child-orientated attractions the older they get the more they tend to want to hit the big thrill rides. This can be hard when visiting Disneyland Resort Paris for one-day as the thrill rides are distributed between the two parks.

If your kids are interested in thrill rides but are not used to them it may be best to start them on some of the ‘mild but wild’ attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris. Handily enough these attractions are mainly based in Disneyland Park.

Mild but wild attractions:

  • Big Thunder Mountain- Disneyland Park (intensity rating 6/10)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean- Disneyland Park (intensity rating 4/10)
  • Star Tours- Disneyland Park (intensity rating 7/10)
  • Crush’s Coaster- Walt Disney Studios Park (intensity rating 7/10)

Some of these attractions do have height requirements, which can be found on Disneyland Paris’ official website. All the attractions stated above are thrilling but are certainly not on par with the big thrills attractions in the parks. It’s still important however to make a personal judgement on whether your child will enjoy the attraction or not as every child is different.

Mild but wild touring plan

  1. Ensure that you are at Walt Disney Studios Park before 30 minutes before the park opens with ticket in hand.
  2. Once Walt Disney Studios opens go directly to Toon Studio and ride Crush’s Coaster.
  3. After riding Crush’s Coaster head for Disneyland Park
  4. Once in Disneyland Park head to Frontierland and go to Big Thunder Mountain
  5. If the line is less than 30 minutes long ride Big Thunder Mountain. If the line is longer obtain a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain
  6. Head over to Discoveryland and ride Star Tours
  7. If you got a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain return any time after the start of your hour return time, don’t worry if you missed your allocated time, you’ll still be allowed to use your Fastpass.

Big Thrills

If you think your children are okay to go on the big thrills attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris it becomes harder to tour due to these attractions being distributed between the two parks more than the mild but wild attractions. Here’s a list of big thrills attractions:

  • Space Mountain: Mission 2- Disneyland Park (intensity rating 8/10)
  • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril- Disneyland park (intensity rating 7/10)
  • Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster- Walt Disney Studios Park (intensity rating 9/10)
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Walt Disney Studios Park (intensity rating 8/10)

All of these attractions are high intensity and may scare young children. If you feel that your children will be okay to go on these attractions it’s still very important that you prepare them for the experience beforehand in order to ensure they know exactly what is going to happen during the course of the ride.

Big Thrills touring plan

  1. Get to Disneyland Park 30 minutes before park opening
  2. When the park opens head to Adventureland
  3. Ride Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  4. Head over to Discoveryland
  5. If the line is under 20 minutes long ride Space Mountain: Mission 2. If the line is longer than 20 minutes obtain a Fastpass
  6. Head over to Walt Disney Studios Park
  7. Ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  8. Ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster if line is shorter than 30 minutes

As this isn’t peak season the need to use Fastpasses should be minimal for the mild but wild and big thrills attractions apart from Big Thunder Mountain which see’s large lines all year round. The two Studios attractions tend not to have large lines, especially not early in the morning, hence why I didn’t mention using Fastpasses. However if lines are long both attractions should have Fastpasses available until mid-afternoon.

No Thrills Adventure

Plenty of kids under the age of 11 find some of the more thrilling attractions at Disneyland Resort Paris a little bit too intense, thankfully the majority of attractions in both parks are aimed at those who aren’t really into thrills and prefer a tame attractions that’s both exciting and provides a great story. Because there’s so many attractions to see in both parks besides the thrill rides it’s really hard to say how to fit it all into one day, but here’s my ideas.


Firstly most children and adults greatly enjoy Fantasyland, the area is the quintessential Disney land that contains many of its most famous attractions including the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle . There’s a number of attractions in this area designed for the young and the young at heart. This makes the attractions very popular and hence lines can get long even during the slower periods such as the time between January and March. For this reason it’s always a good idea to ensure you hit Fantasyland early, especially with young children who love the classic Disney characters as this is the most character-dense area in the whole resort. The attractions I suggest visiting in Fantasyland are:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Mad Hatters Tea Cups
  • It’s a Small World
  • The Voyages of Pinocchio

The main attractions to get done in the morning in Fantasyland are Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The main reason for this is that lines build up quickly due to the popularity of both attractions and Dumbo having very low capacity. Mad Hatters low capacity can also cause long lines, however this doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as at Dumbo.

The other Fantasyland attractions are all worth a visit, especially with younger children. However, these are the attractions which need to be visited early on in the morning in order to ensure that you’re not going to be waiting in long-lines.


Adventureland offers lots for those who are looking for a no thrills day. On the plus side the attractions in Adventureland suitable for children generally don’t need to be visited in the morning as lines are low or non-existent, especially during the lower season when the discounts are available. Two of the attractions in the area are adventure play areas. Both Adventure Isle and La Cabane des Robinson are designed for children to have fun in an area designed for exploration. These attractions are not likely to get too busy during the low season so visit anytime during your visit.

The other attractions children will be able to go on with minimal scares is Pirates of the Caribbean. Whilst I did mention Pirates in the ‘mild but wild’ section it’s generally suitable for children of all ages though some may be scared by some of the special effects. Thankfully Pirates is a very efficient attraction when it comes to loading, meaning lines tend to be short during the low season. This allows some flexibility in your touring, especially if you’re trying to include the Fanstasyland attractions.


Whilst two of the major attractions in Discoveryland are thrill rides (Space Mountain and Star Tours) there are some attractions for younger audiences or those who aren’t interested in the big thrill rides. Here’s the attractions I recommend in the area:

  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
  • Orbitron
  • Autopia

First things first Buzz Lightyear is very popular as the attraction appeals to people of all ages. For this reason I suggest making this your first stop of the day before heading to Fantasyland. If you’re staying in a Disney hotel then take advantage of Extra Magic Hours for this attraction as lines build up quickly when the park opens. Another thing to take into account is thar Orbitron is very similar to Dumbo but with a Sci-Fi theme. If your kids are interested in space go to this attraction rather than Dumbo, if your kids are obsessed with Dumbo go to Dumbo instead as there’s little value in doing both, especially when you’re time restricted.


Frontierland is dominated by Big Thunder Mountain, which isn’t really a suitable attraction for those who don’t like roller coasters or thrill rides. Phantom Manor is the only attraction in Frontierland I’d recommend as a part of a tour. The reason for this is one of the other attractions is an adventure play area which isn’t as good as what’s on offer in Adventureland and there’s one Wild West Show and a walk through attraction, both which receive mixed reviews and aren’t worth it when you’re constrained to one days touring.

Walt Disney Studios

There are a number of attractions in Walt Disney Studios suitable for those not interested in thrill rides. Here’s my choices for the best when you’re doing a one day tour:

  • Cars Race Rally
  • Motors, Action Stunt Show Spectacular
  • The Art of Disney Animation
  • Stitch Live
  • Flying Carpets over Agrabah

Cars Race Rally is pretty low capacity, although lines are not too bad, especially during the low season. Motors, Stunts Action has limited shows per day and this must be worked into a touring plan, which can be hard as times can vary. The Art of Disney Animation is good to visit any time of the day and isn’t essential. Children love Stitch and demand for this attraction can be high, though they shouldn’t be too bad from January to March. Flying Carpets is near enough exactly the same as Dumbo but with an Aladdin theme, so you may want to chose between the three similar attractions. There are other attractions suitable for the children which you can see at Disneyland Resort Paris’ official website, however when times an issue I don’t see them as important enough to visit.

The no thrills touring plan

This touring plan contains a mixture of the attractions I’ve mentioned above. This touring plan may have to be tweaked, especially depending on the time of the Stunt Show. This is a rough and ready idea of how to avoid crowds and if you can make any improvements please get in touch.

  1. Get to Disneyland park 30 minutes before the official opening
  2. When the park is open head down the arcade at the back of the shops on the right hand side of Main Street
  3. Ride Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  4. Head over to Fantasyland
  5. Ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  6. Ride Peter Pan’s Flight
  7. Ride It’s a Small World
  8. Ride Mad Hatters Tea Party
  9. Ride Voyages of Pinocchio
  10. Head over to Adventureland
  11. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean
  12. Head to Frontierland
  13. Ride Phantom Manor
  14. Leave Disneyland Park and head for Walt Disney Studios
  15. Check the showtimes for Motors, Action Stunt Show, if the next show is within an 45 minutes wait in line
  16. After seeing the Stunt Show ride Cars Race Rally
  17. Experience Stitch Live
  18. Experience The Magic of Disney Animation
  19. Head back to Disneyland Park
  20. Experience Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
  21. Ride Autopia

There’s plenty more to do at both parks than mentioned in this touring plan, however I feel these are the most important attractions to experience if you’re not interested in thrill rides and only have one day at the park.

This is pretty much my guide for the different types of guest visiting the park using the Daily Mail offer for one day or two days. Whilst those staying for two days may not need to follow the plan it can be really useful for those only visiting for one day.

In my next blog post I’ll be looking at a combined touring plan for the experience, including all the major attractions to visit during this first-quarter of the year off-season.

New Tower of Terror tours at Disneyland Paris

25 11 2009

DLRP Today posted an article about new tours to take place at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disneyland Resort Paris. It’s the first time this kind of tour will be offered at any Disney Park around the world and it’s one not to be missed if you’re in Disneyland Resort when it takes place.

The tour will be one hour long and will cover all aspects of the world famous attraction in detail, including a behind the scenes look at the advanced ride system and information on the various Twilight Zone references contained within the attraction.

The tour takes place on a Saturday morning before Walt Disney Studios opens to the public, places will be restricted as only 10 guests will be admitted per tour, which isn’t a bad thing as it means if you have a question you’ll be able to bring it up without any interruptions.

This is a must-do for all Tower of Terror fans, I’ll certainly be doing the tour myself during my next visit to Disneyland Resort Paris.

M. Owen